OEM's have field suit against compatible cartridge manufacturers

Posted by Scott Burish on 9/29/2019 to News
Do you use toner and ink clones (compatibles) for the perceived lower costs?  Well  now there is even more of a reason not buy these other than the low quality and failure to perform to the rated yields actually costing you more than buying OEM or remanufactured.  Patent Infringement Lawsuits have been introduced by industry giants like HP, Canon, Brother and Lexmark. Toxins have also been found in the plastic cores from Asia and are causing safety and health concerns to those who use them.  Rest assured any cartridges bought from Scott's Computer Services are not affected by this as they are remanufactured OEM.  The cartridges sold by Scott's Computer Services have also been tested by the BLI to perform as well or in some case outperform their OEM counterparts.  With the low overhead of a family run business, these cartridges are very comparable to the prices of clones (compatibles), but you are getting the quality of OEM for a fraction of the price of buying OEM.

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